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Airman Air Compressor

Product name AIRMAN PDSJ850S air compressor
FAD 24.1 m3/min
Compression stages Two
Application Mining drilling rigs
Fuel tank volume 530L
Noise level 76 dB(A)
Rated output 266 KW
Type Mining use diesel air compressor
MOQ 1 Set
Model Number PDSJ850S
Dimension(L*W*H) 4500*2070*2510mm
Weight 5730 kg
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  • PDSJ850S

The features of AIRMAN PDSJ850S air compressor:

1.Airman's new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving compressor originated in Japan.with double-layer shaft seals, replace the traditional mechanical oil seals, and have higher heatresistance, wear resistance and pressure resistance characteristics. 2.A new generation of energy-saving and environment-friendly engines produced by Cummins arecarefully adiusted and matched for air compressors, and the power output reaches a perfect balance.It can also adapt to the harsh environment such as general high altitude. 3.The upgraded AIRMAN controller could achieve more accurate fuel supply, real-time speedadjustment, significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions;4. Built in ECO energy-saving system and stepless pressure regulation system, suitable for variousworking conditions; Automatic preheating and other functions ensure normal startup and operationin cold climates.

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